Live Feed Beta Q&A

Live Feed Beta Q&A

A number of questions are coming in via the live feed email address (

Some of these will be addressed in the tutorial, which is currently under development (hopefully up immediately after the holidays). Others we’ll be able to address here in occasional Q&A posts.

So if you have a question or comment, feel free to send to If we don’t address it right away we will save and catch it eventually (possibly in the tutorial). Quick example:

Q. How often does the Live Feed update itself?

A. It’s currently set to auto-refresh every 5 minutes. So if you leave it open on your browser you should see the latest, or just hit refresh once to be sure.

Q. Is there a way to notify via email or text whenever something new goes up?

We’re looking into this — the technology is feasible, but partly it depends on interest. Would a lot of you be interested in optional LF notification of some kind with every new post?