Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Thirty Day Money Back Guarantee on Trading Services (SIR and Mercenary Trading Desk) [GO]

Non-Refundable Policy on Proprietary Educational Projects (DM) [GO]

Mercenary Trading Desk Terms of Service [GO]

Strategic Intelligence Report Terms of Service [GO]

Driver’s Manual Terms of Service [GO]

Mercenary Trading Desk Upgrade Bonus [GO]

Privacy Policy [GO]

New Subscriber / Auto-Renew Policy [GO]

Legal Disclaimer [GO]


Thirty Day Money Back Guarantee on Trading Services (SIR and Mercenary Trading Desk)

The Mercenary Trading Desk and Strategic Intelligence Report come with a thirty day money-back guarantee and a 5% processing fee.

This means you can cancel your subscription, within thirty days of purchase, for a full refund minus the processing fee. The net refund is thus 95 percent of purchase amount.

The purpose of the processing fee is to cover transactional costs and service activity. For those who try our services in good faith, this presents a win/win. You can legitimately “give our stuff a try” with peace of mind. Meanwhile we maintain peace of mind (for both ourselves and the community) via the modest processing fee.


Non-Refundable Policy on Proprietary Educational Projects (DM) 

Due to the proprietary nature of the Driver’s Manual content (and the fact that subscribers receive all of the available content immediately upon subscribing, we do not provide refunds to Driver’s Manual subscribers

The Driver’s Manual represents our most valuable intellectual property regarding our trading methodology. The instructional materials and “special reports” included in the subscription represent substantial monetary value.

This creates the risk of traders subscribing to the Driver’s Manual with the intention of downloading our training materials and then cancelling. That isn’t fair to us… or to the vast majority of subscribers who act in good faith.

To deter this from happening, our policy is that all Driver’s Manual sales are final. Once you subscribe to the Driver’s Manual you receive all the content included in the subscription along with all upcoming materials that will be created during your subscription period.

At the end of your annual subscription period your Driver’s Manual subscription will automatically renew per our auto-renew policy. If you do not wish for your subscription to renew, contact us via email (admin@mercenarytrader.com)


Mercenary Trading Desk Terms of Service:

Mercenary Trader offers two pricing tiers for the Mercenary Mercenary Trading Desk service.  All prices are subject to change.

• Annual: $1,495

• Monthly: $150

You can cancel your account at any time by emailing admin@mercenarytrader.com or contacting customer service at 800-557-9082 (See refund policy above)


Strategic Intelligence Report Terms of Service:

Mercenary Trader is currently offering subscriptions to the Strategic Intelligence Report at a rate of $199 per year or $19 per month

Prices are subject to change. All subscriptions are set to automatically renew at the end of the period. You can cancel your account at any time by emailing admin@mercenarytrader.com or contacting customer service at 800-557-9082 (See refund policy above)


Driver’s Manual Terms of Service:

Mercenary Trader is currently offering annual subscriptions to the Driver’s Manual at a special price of $997 per year.

Prices are subject to change. All subscriptions are set to automatically renew at the end of the 12 month period. You can cancel your account at any time by emailing admin@mercenarytrader.com or contacting customer service at 800-557-9082

Drivers Manual Cancellation Policy

The Driver’s Manual comes with an auto-renewal policy. If you wish to cancel your subscription before the renewal date, you can cancel by emailing admin@mercenarytrader.com or contacting customer service at 800-557-9082 (see refund policy above)


Mercenary Trading Desk Upgrade Bonus For SIR & DM Subscribers

If you upgrade to the Mercenary Trading Desk as a Strategic Intelligence Report subscriber or a Driver’s Manual subscriber, you may wonder what happens to the value of your current subscription. (Mercenary Trading Desk and Driver’s Manual membership includes umbrella access to the Strategic Intelligence Report.)

Here is the answer: When you upgrade, we transfer your remaining subscription value at DOUBLE the pro-rated amount! For example:

  • $90 worth of pro-rated SIR subscription value translates to $180 of Mercenary Trading Desk time credit

The time credit automatically lengthens your Mercenary Trading Desk subscription, applicable after the first twelve months. If you choose to cancel or discontinue the Mercenary Trading Desk in less than a 12 month period, your time credit reverts back to original value for the original product.

For further questions email: admin@mercenarytrader.com


Privacy Policy

Mercenary Trader takes your personal privacy seriously. Please take a few moments to review the steps we take to ensure your privacy and security while giving you the best possible customer service as you use our web sites.


Cookies are small files placed on your hard drive by an Internet server when you visit a web site. Some cookies can be used to identify your computer each time you visit a site.

The Mercenary Trader web site only uses cookies to allow authentication for access to the Subscriber Only areas of our sites.

In other words, you can leave the site and come back without having to re-enter your user name and password every time (within a set time period). We do not use cookies to track your browsing habits or collect any information about you.

Submitting Data

At no time are you required to submit personal information to access any area of the Mercenary Trader “dot com” site. Visitors to the Mercenary Mercenary Trading Desk are asked to submit a log-on name and password.  This is to ensure you can receive the services you are paying for.

Ordering Online

Any data you submit to us through an online order form is transferred to us via secure transmission – and is kept in databases that cannot be accessed from outside our firewall.

In other words, any data you send us is encrypted, so in the unlikely event a hacker intercepts your data, it cannot be easily read. Our firewall is a mechanism that prevents access to our servers by anyone outside of the company.

Mercenary Trader does not sell or rent your name to anyone. That means that only authorized employees of Mercenary Trader ever have access to any information you submit. We may use your name and address to send you information on other trading products that may suit your interests.  And we must turn over any pertinent information to any law enforcement agency that takes the proper steps to require it.

If at any time you wish to be removed from our mailing list, please contact our customer service department.


If you subscribe to the Mercenary Dispatch, your name and e-mail address will be placed in a database. As with all other personal information, only employees of Mercenary Trader have access to this data. We do not give Mercenary Trader addresses to outside companies.

Any e-mail you send to Mercenary Trader is completely confidential. We will not add your name to our e-mail list without your permission. For security reasons, if your inquiry is about one of your subscriptions, we may ask you to submit some additional information only to verify your identity. Remember, in this case we are only asking you to confirm information you have already given us.


New Subscriber / Auto-Renewal Policy

The capacity for Mercenary Mercenary Trading Desk, Strategic Intelligence Report and Driver’s Manual subscribers is limited. For that reason Mercenary Trader reserves the following rights:

• The right to raise prices for new subscribers at any time.

• The right to close the subscription window outright to new subscribers at any time.

• The right to refuse new subscribers who previously cancelled and wish to subscribe again.

All Mercenary Mercenary Trading Desk and Strategic Intelligence Report and Driver’s Manual subscriptions include an auto-renewal feature which renews each subscription at the locked-in rate at the end of the selected billing cycle (annual or quarterly).

If you wish to discontinue your Mercenary Mercenary Trading Desk or Strategic Intelligence Report subscription and not auto-renew, a cancellation request must be sent to admin@mercenarytrader.com or via customer service at 800-557-9082.

All cancellation requests must be received via email (admin@mercenarytrader.com) or customer service (800-557-9082) 24 hours before the calendar date expiration of the current billing cycle.


Legal Disclaimer

Bleah, legal stuff. Not fun, but has to be addressed. First and foremost:

  • The content on this website (including email generated content) is for general information purposes only.
  • No Mercenary Trader related content is to be taken as an invitation to buy or sell securities.
  • Nothing on this site is to be construed as personalized investment advice.

Mercenary Trader was designed by traders, for traders. As such, we take pride in the quality of our work and seek to bring you the most helpful and relevant information possible.

However, readers should still be aware of the potential for inaccurate or faulty information, and further note the standard conflicts of interest involved when discussing and participating in markets simultaneously.

Informational Accuracy

Our information is not guaranteed to be correct.  In the game of trading, professionals must act on incomplete or sometimes faulty information. Furthermore, despite our consistent best efforts, we may occasionally disseminate inaccurate or faulty information.   It’s just the nature of the game

Mercenary Trader thus does NOT guarantee any of the information on this site (either information provided by the authors OR comments provided by readers) to be accurate. Before making any investment decision, you should do your own due diligence to ensure that you are acting on the best available information and, if necessary, consult with a qualified and licensed investment adviser.

Conflicts of Interest

As aggressive traders, we are actively engaged in trading the markets on a routine basis. This means that, when discussing a potential long or short position in XYZ security, you should assume we are quite possibly actively engaged in trading that security. You should further assume, however, that the nature of our positioning (long, short or flat) at the time of publishing is not guaranteed.

Because of the dynamic nature of the Mercenary trading style, you should further assume that our opinions, and thus our positioning, can change very quickly.  One minute we might be bullish on a particular industry or security.  The next minute we may very well shift or reverse our opinion.

Mercenary Trader has no obligation to inform readers of any shift of opinion or adjustment in trading activity, regardless as to whether it conforms with, or stands in direct opposition to, previously featured commentary.

Timeliness Disclosure

The information flow provided via the Mercenary Mercenary Trading Desk is designed to offer visibility into our day-to-day and even minute-by-minute trading decision process, but is not guaranteed to be accurate or timely.

System outages, technical difficulties, trader memory lapse, excessively volatile markets, or any number of other unforeseen hindrances may restrict, limit, or otherwise impair our ability to provide accurate information under compromised circumstances.  We offer no guarantee and assume no liability for failing to discuss trade or position updates in a timely manner.

Basically, we’re all big boys (and girls) here, and, as prudent market participants, we should all take individual responsibility for our own trading and investing results. Mercenary Trader is thus not liable for losses or damages resulting from inaccurate or poorly timed information, impacts of undisclosed trading activity, or the commentary / trading activity of any readers or guest contributors on this site.