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Terms of Service

Money Back Guarantee [GO]

Privacy and Security Policy [GO]

Subscription Rates and Auto-Renewal [GO]

Information Accuracy and Legal Disclaimer [GO]

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Our services have a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee, subject to a 4% processing fee.

If you aren’t satisfied for some reason — within fourteen days of purchase — you can let us know why to request a full refund, minus the 4% processing fee.

The net refund is thus 96% of the purchase amount.

The processing fee covers our merchant transaction costs and back office adjustments.

It also provides a win/win for those who try our services in good faith.

You receive peace of mind knowing that, if our services aren’t right for you, the risk is low.

Meanwhile we (and the community) receive peace of mind via the modest processing fee.


We take your privacy and security seriously. Below is a review of our policy in these areas.


Cookies are small files placed on your hard drive by an internet server when you visit a web site. Some cookies can be used to identify your computer each time you visit a site.

The Mercenary Trader web site uses cookies to allow authentication for access to subscriber-protected areas. In other words, you can leave the site and come back without having to re-enter your user name and password every time.

We do not provide cookie-related information to third parties.

Financial Information

We do not locally store financial data relating to credit cards or payment processing.

Any payment information you provide is encrypted and held by our merchant account provider in conjunction with Infusionsoft, a firm which processes more than $4 billion per year in customer service transactions.

Email Privacy

Mercenary Trader does not sell or rent your contact information.

Only authorized employees or contract agents of Mercenary Trader have access to the contact information you submit.

We may send you information on trading products that suit your interest, but only if we have carefully reviewed these products and determined they are of interest and value to you.

If at any time you wish to be removed from our mailing list, you can use the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of our email communications.


The optimal capacity of our services (in terms of total number of subscribers) is limited.

For that reason Mercenary Trader reserves the following rights:

The right to raise prices for new subscribers at any time.

The right to close the subscription window at any time.

The right to refuse cancelled or lapsed subscribers who wish to resubscribe.

Subscriptions include an auto-renewal feature which renews at the established rate at the end of the established billing cycle.

To discontinue a subscription and not auto-renew, a cancellation request should be submitted via email (admin@mercenarytrader.com) or phone (800-557-9082).

Requests should be submitted prior to the calendar date expiration of the current billing cycle.


First and foremost:

All Mercenary Trader content (including email) is for general information purposes only.

Mercenary Trader content is NOT to be taken as an invitation to buy or sell securities.

Mercenary Trader content is NOT to be construed as personalized investment advice.

Mercenary Trader was built by traders, for traders.

As such, we take pride in our work and seek to bring you the best information possible.

However, readers should be aware of the potential for inaccurate information, and note potential conflicts of interest when discussing and participating in markets simultaneously.

Information Accuracy

Our information is not guaranteed to be correct.

In trading and investing, professionals must act on incomplete or sometimes faulty information. Furthermore, despite our consistent best efforts, we may occasionally disseminate inaccurate or faulty information. (Rarely but it happens…)

Mercenary Trader thus does not guarantee the accuracy of information provided. Due diligence should be conducted before making any financially related decision, possibly including consultation with a licensed and qualified investment adviser.

Potential Conflicts of Interest

As traders we are actively engaged in markets on a routine basis.

This means that, when discussing a potential long or short position in XYZ security, it can be assumed we are possibly actively engaged in trading that security. The nature of our positioning (long, short or flat) at the time of publication is not guaranteed.

Due to the dynamic nature of the Mercenary trading style, it is further possible for our convictions, and thus our positioning, to shift very quickly.

Though we strive for representational accuracy, Mercenary Trader has no specific obligation to inform readers of any shift of opinion or adjustment in trading activity, regardless as to whether it conforms with, or stands in direct opposition to, previously featured commentary.

This is a necessary provision due to the capricious nature of markets. It is possible for immediate circumstances to change faster than any publication schedule can keep up.

Illiquid Securities

The liquidity of trading vehicles can vary substantially (as determined by daily trading volume).

Low-liquidity securities are harder to buy or sell without impacting price movement, and can thus be impacted significantly by a large volume of activity in a short period of time.

As a general rule the Mercenary Trader style emphasizes highly liquid trading and investing vehicles, specifically to avoid the problems associated with low-liquidity vehicles (like penny stocks or thinly traded ETFs).

With that said, the liquidity conditions of vehicles we discuss or engage with cannot be guaranteed, and due diligence should always be conducted in respect to liquidity factors and the potential impact of one’s own market activities.

Timeliness Disclosures

Information flow provided by Mercenary Trader is designed to offer visibility into decisions on a real-time basis (as with trading analysis broadcasts prior to market open), but is not guaranteed to be timely in all circumstances.

System outages, technical difficulties, trader memory lapse, excessively volatile markets, or any number of other unforeseen hindrances may restrict, limit, or otherwise impair our ability to provide accurate information under compromised circumstances. We thus offer no guarantee and assume no liability for failing to discuss position updates in a timely manner.

Mercenary Trader is thus not liable for losses or damages resulting from inaccurate or poorly timed information, impacts of undisclosed trading activity, or the commentary or activity of partners or guest contributors via our site content, materials and broadcasts.